New Furniture Pieces in Booth!

The past month has been a whirlwind! My house has been completely transformed into a workshop. I had no idea how busy I was going to be. I've sold more in the last three weeks than in the last 6 months! I owe it all to the owners of University Pickers, Paul and Katherine. They have been so good to me. They believe in me and like my stuff and they don't want to kick me out when my booth is empty. ;)  They promote me which has made a huge difference in getting my pieces seen and sold!

Here is a pic of what my booth looks like right now

I just put the new dining set in. I was a little nervous because it was so different from the farmhouse table and French Provincial chairs. However, people love it! Yay! 

I also added a gate-leg table that I absolutely love! I stained the top dark and the bottom is in country grey chalk paint. It has a curvy top that is sooo pretty.

I also have 2 twin upholstered headboards and a queen size upholstered headboard. These look much better in person. I took the pic of the large headboard with my phone and the color is off. The top is really not green. It is painted in Country Grey, same as the gate-leg table.

I also have a small round side table painted in Chateau Grey that I forgot to take a pic of. You can see a glimpse of the table in the left on the gate-leg table pic. I am going to start taking before and after pics. I know I have said that before. But this time I promise!

New items I have to paint are a French Provincial hutch, a BIG secretary (what was I thinking kind of big), and a sweet little vanity over 100 years old. I will also be sharing tips on what I am learning about running a creative business.

Opening Day!!

Opening day for University Pickers was this past Saturday and it was a huge success! There were people waiting in line in the freezing cold to get in before it opened. A lot of the vendors were there throughout the day. I have to admit I wasn't there until the end because I was sooooo nervous! Doesn't that sound nuts? I was freaking out about watching people in my booth not liking it or not buying anything. That was just plain silly because from my neighbor vendor people liked my booth and I sold almost all of my smalls and a bench. When I got there around closing my husband kept telling me in the car..."Don't get upset if nothing was bought." My mouth hit the floor when I saw how empty it was. I NEVER thought about being there during the day to replenish. DUH! I honestly thought my stuff would still be there. I had everything arranged just the way I wanted it. I felt like I had decorated the room and it had been raided and all of the little "pretties" were gone. I am still new at this. At the old antique mall I was in it was nothing like this. EVER! I sold more items in one day at University Pickers than I did in the previous six months. I owe it all to the owners of University Pickers, Katherine and Paul. They are so sweet and patient with me. Even when I should have brought more stuff to put in my booth and I didn't write my booth number on a piece of furniture and it took them 45 minutes to figure out who they credited the sale to. I can be such a fruit loop but I am working on it Paul, I promise! Here are some pics of my booth before the sale.

I will give more details about the furniture in future posts. I built the farmhouse table and bench. I am  in building mode now. I want to try to build everything! I'm off to work on more stuff for my booth!

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