Things To Come

So much has happened since the last time I wrote you guys. I was invited to join a new antique mall opening in Huntsville, AL in January called University Pickers. The owner found me through facebook. I had liked their page and she noticed my name, Beneath the Magnolias, and checked out my blog. She said she liked my stuff and wanted us to meet so I could check out the new store. I knew nothing about this venture or them but I went the very next day. Their enthusiasm and big ideas for the store won me over. I picked out a booth and paid my deposit that night. I am so glad I didn't wait because they filled up fast! Katherine and Paul believe in their vendors and want to do whatever they can to promote them. I think support is the key word here.

I am going to be among true artisians. The real deal people. That makes me nervous. Not people selling stuff from their latest garage sale. There will be a couple that creates art from old airplane parts! Another lady makes chandeliers from old tin pails. Someone makes their own soy candles, another makes signs. It is quite intimidating but exciting at the same time.

I hope to be able to start on my booth very soon. I have so many grand ideas. I hope my husband can help me with all of it! I am trying to find and paint furniture as well. I am having a hard time choosing colors for furniture. Do I use color, do I play it safe and go all neutral?

This pic is of an old door with a light and shelves added. I want to do stuff like this! 

I should be going soon to do the walls of my booth. I will be posting pics soon!

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