Natural Fall Mantel

I've been thinking about what I want to do with my mantel. I wanted something natural and simple. I went around to different craft stores but didn't see what i was looking for. Of course, everything I needed I already had.
I have things tucked away in several closets and my attic. I started pulling everything out and instead of piles of junk in my closets it was all over my living room and dining room. I realized I had some baskets, an old tray, and a demijohn bottle with wicker that were all close in color and neutral.

This was my first version of my mantel. I took this at night so I apologize for the picture quality. I placed burlap in a frame and attached leaves from my oak leaf hydrangeas and antiqued the frame and made a herbarium. Pinecones and acorns went into glass jars found at Homegoods. The iron basket on the mantel was purchased a few weeks ago at TJ Max. Some of you may recognize the tray from Southern Living years ago. I played around with my pile until it all came together.

I like fern leaves better. They complement all of the colors and textures perfectly.

I went to Nashville today and visited the Carnton Plantation and Carter House. We had a great time but I am pooped. Have any of you ever been? I plan on sharing pictures very soon.

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Fall Decor Part One

I think everyone has Fall on their mind. I know I can't stop looking at all of the beautiful Fall pictures out there. My Pinterest Board is blown up with them. I went through several websites full of pictures and I am going to share some. I would show you my own decorations but I have none because I've been too busy pinning them.

My favorite holiday decor is made mostly of natural elements. They can be relatively easy to find...acorns, leaves, pumpkins, pine cones, magnolia leaves, apples, gords, corn husks. I know that not everyone can find all of these things. Sometimes I do get them at a farmer's market, grocery store, neighbor's yard, stranger's yard...

I have the "pretty picture that I will never do but like to pin and pretend I will" category up first. I actually do a very scaled down version of this pic for the front of my house since I don't have steps, time, or money for the large version.
Next up we have the "If you can click your mouse button..." category. I say that because I found a website     you can order dried wheat sheaves from. Disclaimer: I have no idea what the sheaves on the website are like but there are reviews for the wheat sheaves you can read before you purchase them. These are perfect at an entryway or use two of them on a dining room table, simple but makes a statement.  
This next photo shows wheat standing in a container and it is so simple to make. 
Below the photo is a link to a Better Homes and Gardens video on how to make this beautiful centerpiece.

Here's something else I found you can order through the same website, a dried wheat wreath. 
Look how gorgeous these wheat wreaths look hanging in the window
 and the wheat on the table with the pretty burlap runner.  Of course, the Mora clock looks great too.
    I think this post turned into things you can do with wheat. I'll be sharing more fall ideas soon. I have so many I want to split them up into different posts. I apologize for the weird spacing, font changes, and letters running off the page. It may be Blogger's fault or because it's 1:00 AM and I can't think anymore. 

Fall Dining Room

I love decorating for fall! I have seen so many great fall ideas on Pinterest and linky parties. It really inspired me to do something in my own house. A couple of weeks ago I found a large antique wooden toolbox at the antique store that my booth is in. It was only $35 and even had some old tools in it. Just the week before I saw a smaller, not antique, wooden tool box sell for $75. I was going to try to make one but this antique was perfect. No way I could replicate it and give it the same character. I knew it would be perfect on my dining room table filled with flowers.

This is what the toolbox looks like and all of the tools that came with it. I have no idea what I am going to do with them.

The finish and all of the dings and wear tell a story about this old toolbox.

These sunflowers are from Walmart and cost $3 a bundle.

I just painted and reupholstered the chairs. They go with another dining room set that I am about to sell. I really like how they turned out. I will be sharing that furniture makeover very soon! If you can't find an old toolbox for your table you could always build a planter box for an easy dining room centerpiece. Check out that link on how to make one for your table.

Master Bedroom eDesign Board

I have been wanting to do one of these design board thingies for basically every room of my house for a while now. I always thought they were complicated. HA! They just look that way but it's super easy. I just saved pics from the internet that I liked and then created a collage in Picasa. I resized and moved the pics around and around and then around some more until I played with it enough and that's it! I know I'm probably the last blogger on Earth to make an eDesign board!

Here is what I want to do for my master bedroom.

The inspiration came from pic #3 which was from an article in Atlanta Homes and Lifestyles Magazine. The room was designed by Beth Elsey. I loved every single picture from her house! I think I had all of them pinned before I figured out that they were all done by the same person. Make sure you check out her dining room. That blue is gorgeous!

This is the paint color used in her bedroom  Benjamin Moore Silver Crest

These are the sources for the other items:
1.  UrbanOutfitters (upholstered headboard)
2.  Ivgstores (mirrored nighstand)
3. Atlanta Homes and Magazine (inspiration photo)
4. Pottery Barn (Porcelain Blue Silk Drapes)
5. Silk Ranunculus (found at TJ Max)
6. Pottery Barn (Grand Embroidered Duvet Cover)
7. Target (clear ball lamps)
8. Botanical Prints (free printables)
9. Pottery Barn (Porcelain Blue quilt)

I am planning on making my own headboard for a fraction of the cost of buying one. I actually already have a mirrored nightstand I bought at TJ Max last year. I don't know if I will get the silk drapes. That will definitely be a splurge. I know that they are on ebay for a lot less. The duvet set from Pottery Barn is actually not very expensive. I've also seen the duvet on ebay  for less. I already have the Target lamps. The botanical prints are free printables so I just have to buy the frames. I'm undecided on the quilt. I may get the duvet cover and then see if the bed looks like it needs something else.

When I will actually get to doing all of this I have no idea. I still want to finish my family room and dining room. I also have dreams of painting my kitchen cabinets. While doing all of this I still have to continue painting furniture! 

Speaking of furniture, I have all of the dining room chairs painted and I stained the table top today! I plan on putting the poly on the top tomorrow and then all I will need to do is recover the seat cushions. Yay! I will be posting a pic very soon!

Waterfall Dresser in Louis Blue

It is finally finished! I bought this waterfall dresser over a month ago. I found it in a really sad shape, cosmetically. But I knew it had potential. When I brought it home my husband who was helping me get it out of my car said (uhhh, WHAT is this?) He thought it was way too much work. I had a friend look at it and said it couldn't be helped, she just couldn't see it. Well after hours and hours later it finally looks like this.

I exchanged the knobs that looked like tail lights for these pretty clear knobs.

I painted the detail on the mirror white to make it stand out. There is also the same detail on the top of cabinet.

You might be able to see a little bit of the silvering that has come off the mirror. I could have resilvered the mirror but there's no way I would ever do that. I love the look of old silvering coming off of an antique mirror. It is one more thing that distinguishes it from a regular factory piece of furniture. Some people try to replicate the antique look with new mirrors. There was a stamp on the back of the mirror that read Bassett and another that had the date July 17th, 1948. I love it when I can find the maker and the date. 

Here is a side by side of the dresser and Cabinet both done in Louis Blue ASCP. They would look so good together in a bedroom! 

I am working on a dining table with chairs now. They are so pretty. Can't wait to show them to you!

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