Painted Depression Era Cabinet for My Booth

This is the cabinet that I bought at Scott's Antique Market in Atlanta last month. I tried so many paint colors on this cabinet before I finally decided on Louis Blue ASCP. This is a very pretty wedgewood blue color. So far everything I have sold in my booth has been some form of white or cream except for the French Provincial china cabinet which was done in muted tones of French Linen and Paris Grey. I have to admit right now to the world or the 5 people that that will read this...I don't like color. The secret is out! Actually, let me rephrase that I don't like color in MY house. The only color that I use is blue as an accent. I love blues that are more soft and muted with a little gray. Let me get back to the original story here which is a cabinet I painted and it's not white it's blue.

This is a before pic in my "workshop" better known as the very sad dining room.

The glass was missing from the cabinet. I couldn't decide if I should replace it or try something else. I decided to try the chicken wire. Save yourself a lot of trouble by not putting chicken wire in with a $20 stapler.

This would look so good in a bathroom. I have always wanted a cabinet in my bathroom but have no room. It would also work in a breakfast room, dining room, girl's room, guest bedroom... Okay, basically every single room in your house. The size is great at only 38" wide and around 67" tall. I looked around on google and apparently this is a Depression Era cabinet. Don't hate me wood people. It needed a fresh updated look. I hope this sells fast. I am out of room in my booth and I still have a few more things to put in there. I'm going to be asking for a larger booth soon! I will be sharing a dresser hopefully, tomorrow. I painted it not white too!

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What's Better Than Linen?

Embroidered linen, of course! I had my eye on a certain fabric at a local fabric store for let's say 4 years. I would go in there just to touch and salivate all over it. They had a panel made up of it and oh my, was it gorgeous. But it was SO expensive. I knew I could never pay that much for drapes. Then one day I dropped by to see how my fabric was doing and they had a bolt of it! Before then you had to special order it so it was very expensive but since they had a bolt and a SALE at the same time I could afford it. Twelve yards and many sewing hours later I had this.

I don't know the designer or manufacturer so I can't give info on that. Next time I drop in I'll ask. Now I'm working on drapes for my dining room.  I've ordered a swatch of fabric from Calico Corners in a buffalo check. I can't wait until it gets here. Fabric is exciting! I hope someone understands this besides me. My husband isn't so enthusiastic.

Stained Tabletops

I love the look of a stained top on a piece of furniture and the bottom painted. Miss Mustard has perfected this look! I tried this with a small table that I bought since I didn't know much about staining. The first table turned out perfectly and sold. So I found a larger table and gave it another try. I LOVE how it turned out! The stain had not completely dried before I took this pic.

This is what it looked like before. It had been painted a reddish brown. In this pic I had already sanded down the top. I used Rust-Oleum Kona stain. It is a really dark and rich color.

I put this in my booth today along with the blue tables. I hope they sell fast. My house and garage are filling up!

Side Table or End Table?

I am adding some really pretty slate blue side tables to my booth. I call them side tables but some say end tables. I have no idea what the correct name is. I completely forgot to take a before pic! I am getting so bad about that. They were just your basic brown. I jazzed them up with a slate blue color that I am lovin'. I also lightly distressed them. I actually went to take them yesterday to Hartlex but they were closed! Unfortunately, they had to get some emergency work done on a gas line. But I plan on dropping these off today.

Just as I was loading them in my car the bottom fell out of the sky. It was a torrential downpour for more than an hour. I was running round outside trying to get them in my car before they got wet and I dropped my cell phone in the grass without knowing it. It stayed outside for 3 hours in the rain before I found it! I've gotten my Iphone wet before and the sounds stop working when someone texts me. This time the sounds stop working when someone calls. HOWEVER, someone called me this morning and it worked! I can't believe you can leave your phone out in that much water and the next day it starts working again. Although, I don't suggest testing yours out.

I'm going junkin'/pickin' (whatever you want to call it today too)! Can't wait to see what I  find. I don't know where I am going to put anything once I find it. My garage is scary!

Jewelry Cork Board

I am so behind on posting!  My car's transmission blew up, my son got sick, I found out I have kidney stones, blacked out on Saturday and spent the day in the hospital. Things have been CRAZY! It sounds chaotic but really everything is good. I should have had these posts written weeks ago!

While I was in Atlanta, I saw some really pretty cork boards with sparkly pins. I bought some of the pins but decided to make my own cork board. I had a plastic brown frame that I knew would look fabulous with a coat of chalk paint. I bought a roll of cork at Hobby Lobby. I already had the batting and the burlap. So this project was cheap and simple!
Here are my supplies. Pretend that the roll of cork is in the pic.

I painted the frame Louis Blue and it made such a huge difference. It looked like a wooden picture frame.
Here is the frame painted and the roll of cork with the rest of my supplies.
I turned the frame over and placed a piece of burlap over the back. I then placed two layers of cork and a layer of batting over the burlap. I reattached the back and that was it! I got so excited I forgot to take pics of  all of that but I think you get the idea.
Turned the beauty over and pushed the pins in and OMG I LOVE it!
Just look at those sparkly pins. Sparkly pins are my favorite. ;)

I wish I would have wiped glaze over all of the detail to really make it pop but I think I am going to leave it the way it is.  I can't wait to make more of these. This one is going in my daughter's room. I hope to make some more to put in my booth.

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