Back from the Beach

Things have been so busy here! I dropped off a few things at my booth before I went on vacation.

This is a pic of what I put in my booth. It's not much but I'm working on it.

My husband and I stapled burlap to the walls of my booth. It made a huge difference! It made the furniture stand out more and made it look more like a room. I still need to put so much more in there. It still isn't close to being done.

The good news is while we were there cleaning up a lady came to my booth and told the owner of the store if someone would deliver the chest (in my booth!) she would buy it that day. Of course,we said we'd deliver it! I am going to work on buying more chests to paint. You can usually find a good deal on them and they are easy to paint and to haul around.

My family and I went to Florida last week to the beach. It was great to get away for a while. This is a pic on the first day of a Bull Shark cruising along the shore. Everyone had just been in the water right where it appeared just 30 minutes earlier. We are all so fortunate. We ran down the beach telling everyone and yelling to get out of the water. We were literally walking along beside the shark as he was swimming towards people. I grabbed my camcorder to film but because of the screen I couldn't tell what I was filming. Let's just say I'm a terrible shark filmer. But we did manage to snap some pics. The first pic is my son and sister's boyfriend.

About 30 minutes later this guy showed up. The lifeguard said it was a Bull Shark. You can't tell from the pic but he was big!

Everyone got out of the water and he kept on going. Scary!

I hopefully will be painting some more furniture very soon. My daughter has been sick so that's been put on hold. I think I am going to paint a friend's hutch in return for a nice dresser.  It's a lot of work painting a hutch but if I get a free dresser I say it's worth it!

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