Fresh and Easy Guacamole

Something that I have been playing around with the past few months is a yummy guacamole recipe.  The first few times I made it something was missing but I tweaked it and now I think it's perfectly delish!

4 Avocados (I like to buy overly ripe so they will be soft)
2 Roma tomatoes
Garlic clove
1/2 Lime

Try NOT leave any of those out.  It just isn't as good.  Believe me, all of the fresh ingredients complement each other so well.

I actually ended up using 4 avocados and 2 tomatoes even though I have a different number in the pic. 
First thing you need to do is cut this freaky green thing.  I tried to show in the pic how to do this but I'm not very good at holding a camera and a knife at the same time.  While holding the avocado in your hand  lengthwise (VERY CAREFULLY) slide the knife into the avocado as if you are going to slice through it but instead of going through it you are going to hit a giant seed.  Slide the knife along the side of the seed going all the way around the avocado and then gently pry it open.  Then remove that big brown round thing and throw it away.  

Next, scoop out the inside with a big spoon and put the mush into a bowl.

Then cut your roma tomatoes into very small pieces, as well as your garlic clove and throw that in.  Take the cilantro and pick the leaves off and shred those with your fingers and add that to the pile.  Take half of a lime and squeeze in the lime juice.  Stir it, mash it like potatoes, whatever you need to do to get it to the consistency that you like.  (Note:  If your avocados are not soft this will make this step more difficult.) I like mine kind of chunky.  And there you have a green delicious pile of fresh mush called guacamole.  This makes two cups and between my husband and I it was gone in a half a day.  Now go make your own!  Yummmm!

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