My husband and I have been visiting Charleston for several years now. Every single time I go this city still amazes me. The architecture, churches, iron gates, cobble stone streets, and the GARDENS! Some of these gardens were started in the 1700s. I get excited when I have flowers that make it through two seasons!

We were able to stay at a friend's house on James Island. It was only a 10 minute drive to the downtown historic district. I have over 300 pics from just this trip alone. I don't know how many I'll share but I will divide the posts up.

photo whitehousetwostoryporch.jpg

 photo roundsideporch.jpg
This huge round porch is unbelievable!

 photo adjustedhydrangeashaintblue.jpg
Do you notice the ceiling of the porch is painted blue? It is called haint blue. The word haint comes from the word haunt. The Gullah people would paint their porch ceilings this haint blue to ward off evil spirits. They believed that these "haints" could not pass over water. The blue, of course, symbolized the water. Now they just paint them blue because it's pretty.  But there are so many shades. If you want haint blue, paint your ceiling a blue-green. A color that reminds you of water. Benjamin Moore's haint blue is Palladian Blue.

 photo sidehousewithporch.jpg

 photo yellowhouse.jpg

 photo pinkhouse.jpg
This little pink house was in between two massive houses. A lot of times these were "kitchen houses". There was a law passed at one time that required kitchens to be in a separate structure. I don't know if this little pink house served that purpose. Many of these have been converted to charming little apartment homes and bed and breakfasts. This pink charmer can't be more than 12 feet wide!

 photo reddoorirongate.jpg
I don't believe there is a single house without an iron gate somewhere on the property. I especially loved this one. Directly behind the gate you can see the bold red front door. Can't walk by and not notice this one!

I have so much more I'll be sharing with you!


I left University Pickers in July. It was a difficult decision but one that needed to be made. I was painting day and night and exhausted and burned out. I didn't feel like UP was the right place for me to be anymore. I stayed at home for the next two months and did custom work. I currently have a booth in a store called El Marie's in Hartselle, AL. I am still doing custom orders as well. I am not nearly as busy as I was but things are a lot calmer around here.

I will be sharing a few pieces I have done over the last few months. The first is a table I did in French Linen chalk paint. I did the bottom of the table and the chairs in an heirloom white color. I also built the bench and added nail head trim.

Those pretty flowers were from my garden this past spring. My azaleas bloomed more beautifully than ever! Too bad this was the last time my flower beds looked pretty. I neglected them the entire summer and now they are very sad looking.

This sweet French Provincial set was done in Maison Blanche silver mink and Franciscan Grey.

I am terrible at remembering to take before photos! Since I have had more time on my hands I have started working on my house. I just painted my kitchen last night. My husband is out of town and doesn't know yet. It's beautiful honey! I promise you'll love it! I changed from Cream Fleece BM to Revere Pewter BM lightened 50%. I can't even put into words how much better it looks!! I never thought I would say this but I do not like yellow or gold in decorating anymore. It feels so limiting. I am a blue and gray girl. This new color is going to allow me much more flexibility. I am actually painting my kitchen cabinets too! Don't worry I will be sharing pics and tutorials along the way. I'm off to prime!

Long Time No Write

Whew!! These past few months have been a blur. Let's just say my right hand is permanently enlarged and I have man hands. I think I hand-painted over thirty-something pieces since I started University Pickers. I don't have a picture of everything I have done. I would spend 10 hours painting something and forget to take a picture of it before I took it to the store. Then, I would plan on taking a pic next time I went back to the store and it would be gone. I hand-painted a gorgeous antique gate-leg table and six chairs while I had pneumonia and there is no picture to show for it. Anyway, I am going to share pictures here and there of what I have been up to.

The first one is of a solid oak secretary with hutch. This thing was huge!! I painted it with Annie Sloan chalk paint in Duck Egg Blue. Oh! how I love this color!

This is what it started out as. Notice all of the different colors I was trying out.

The inside is Aubusson Blue. I noticed when I bought the secretary that one of the doors did  not shut properly. No sweat, I thought, I'll just fix it. Well, the door was warped and there was no way it was ever going to shut. I decided to just leave them off. I think I like it even better open.

I rarely find out who buys my pieces. I happened to be working in my booth and a couple came up to me and said they were the ones that purchased the secretary and that they love it! The lady said she uses it for her craft supplies. LOVE that idea!

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