Ana White Rustic X End Table

This past summer I built two of the Ana White rustic x end tables. I had been looking forever for a matching set of end tables that didn't cost $400 each. I could not find anything that I liked. I looked everywhere! Why are end tables so expensive? I broke down and decided to build my own. I went on Ana White's website and looked for plans and knew these would be perfect. I already had some spindles from an old 1800's farmhouse porch. I bought these last year at the longest yard sale somewhere out in the middle of nowhere in south Alabama.

They were actually still attached to the railing. I took them off and thought they would make perfect legs for something. I just wasn't sure what. Then I saw the x side table plan and knew these were meant for each other. The spindles had weathered to a beautiful gray finish with a little white chippy paint still clinging on. I decided to leave them as is and stain the rest of the wood. I used a combination of Jacobean and Classic Gray stain from Minwax. I just played around with the amounts until I got the desired color. I absolutely love my end tables!  I wouldn't want a real carpenter to inspect my building skills or anything but for me, they are perfect!

I encourage you to try building your own furniture. The first thing I ever built was a farmhouse table a couple of years ago with no help from anyone. However, you don't have to start off with something so big. There are many plans of different skill levels on Ana White's website. She gives really detailed instructions and drawings. The only tools I used for this project was the Kreg Jig and a compound miter saw. The Kreg Jig is the most amazing tool ever invented. I need to dedicate an entire post on my love for the mighty Kreg Jig. How about you, have you ever built anything?

Breakfast Room Makeover

I think the breakfast room could possibly be my favorite room in my house. It has a big window that fills the room with a lot of natural light. It looks out onto my backyard where I plant my yearly Mandevilla vine along with some yellow knockout roses.

I really like for the color scheme in here to be very simple and light. I want the outside view to be the star. Some of you may remember a couple of years ago I did a breakfast room makeover. I had some blue drapes from Target in here but it just wasn't me. I think I kept those for about a week until I changed my mind. They had a wow factor to them but I am all about minimal contrast in design so out went the drapes.

In the new makeover, I tried to make a roman shade and it was a total fail! Instead of scrapping it I just turned it into a faux roman shade. I ended up folding and hot gluing it. It works for now until I want to take the time to try it again and make it correctly. But that's going to be a while! I've been working really hard on "good is good enough". It is sooo difficult for me. I want everything to be perfect.

The above picture was taken in the spring when my peonies were blooming. I got the chairs from TJ Maxx for only 100 bucks each! Similar ones sell for $250 and up. The table I purchased 14 years ago on Antique Alley in West Monroe, LA. It has been painted no less than 5 times. 

This is the breakfast room as of today.

 I painted the table again. This time in a beautiful gray. It has a slight brown undertone that bothered me for a few days and then I got over it. The chairs are painted in Revere Pewter.

I still plan on adding some white plates on the wall around the silver tray. I also want to change out the light fixture. The current one was once a dated shiny gold color that I spray painted with oil rubbed bronze spray paint. It has worked the last few years but it's time for something new.  

I love this tiered stand. I got this at an antique store that was going out of business. I just threw in some hydrangeas that I got out of my yard, pine cones, and coffee mugs. As time goes on I find my style becoming more simple. How does your style change over time?

Kitchen Cabinet Job

I had an opportunity this summer to paint kitchen cabinets for a very sweet lady. It was a small charming space that needed a little face lift. The cabinets were over thirty-years old and not in the best of shape. None of them closed properly, not one! And she needed these done in one week, just in time for a party she was giving. Even though it was small kitchen there was so much work to do!

I spent three days cleaning them with TSP and sanding them. I then primed them with Aqua Lock (purchased from a paint store that sells Benjamin Moore). Sorry, I am terrible about taking project pics so I don't have any. I used a 2 in. angled Purdy paint brush. I painted the cabinets with two coats of Benjamin Moore Aura in Satin. The color was not a BM color and I can't remember where it came from. It is a creamy white with a gold undertone.  Thank goodness my husband helped or there is no way I would have ever finished in a week. We spent two full days on sight painting and did the rest ( the doors) at home. We were determined to get them to close properly. We took several of the doors to a friend's house and used their table saw to shave the sides of the doors off  that wouldn't close. Even though it may not look like it this job took over 30 hours to complete! I forgot to take before pics until after I already had the doors off but you get the idea of what it looked like. A lot of old brown cabinets.

My pics don't do it justice. I was beyond exhausted when we finally finished. I'm surprised I even snapped these. I didn't even get a shot of the entire kitchen. Oh well!

The best advice I can give for painting your kitchen cabinets is to make sure the prep work is done properly and make sure you use the best paint you can afford. It is A LOT of work but when it's finished it is so worth it!
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